2.5 animation tour #2

In this one i basiclly go over the animation systems of 2.5 as so many people keep asking me

Hope you all enjoy it, sorry of any encoding troubles :frowning:

yeah, there’s encoding troubles. it zooms ahead and gets out of sync with the audio. Will try to repacage it somehow.


It’s not only that, it looks that also recording framerate ‘floating’… that really ain’t easy to follow… :expressionless: so yeah, ‘…ctrl-alt pee.’ is a proper cut end. :]

Hey, I didn’t want to sound gharrrsh!? Man, your tours helps me a lot! I love your tours (the one with a burp and excuse is still my favorite)! Look, I put your funky & cool link to your Tours blog on the top of my silly ActionBook! \o/ :slight_smile:


Yeah, I would love to see more Blender tours like this also by other coders! That would be Great!

But man, please don’t copy my ‘how to confuse the cat’ style Blender 2.5 tour. I can’t learn anything that way! :smiley:

<edit>Although I still strongly encourage you to copy my average edit cut and sound part! :stuck_out_tongue: </edit>

i began playing it with VLC
and got speed problem at certain place so the whole video plays in about 10 mintues
and miss most of it !

hope to see a new version with no problems soon

keep up the good work
happy 2.5

Your videos are so interesting for me, I am always waiting for a new one :slight_smile:
but it’s impossible learn anything that way.


On a mac it play superspeedily in VLC, played in quicktime and also played when viewed in Firefox though the framerate was about 1 every 10 secs. Very useful though.

I told you several times to ditch your crappy recordmydesktop and use FFmpeg but you declined, fine with me.
For anyone interested http://verb3k.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/how-to-do-proper-screencasts-on-linux/

Hey Mfoxdogg, I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything, because your a cool guy making cool walkthroughs, but the last few videos seems to skip like a badly scratched CD. Would be cool if you could encode in XVID though.

In linux using firefox to view it seems that’s work fine :slight_smile:

oops, Don’t refresh well, the framerate was about 1 every 10 secs.


no good for me I’m afraid

having the same problems as everyone else

(I’m on mac - but I will try my linux box tomorrow)

What are you using to encode the videos?
What do you use for screen capturing?

It is odd that this happens - is that a harddrive data flow issue
that time and audio are out of sync and flying?

What are you using to encode the videos?
What do you use for screen capturing?

It is odd that this happens - is that a harddrive data flow issue
that time and audio are out of sync and flying?

Hi mfoxdogg, thank you for new tour. Unfortunately your screen-cast is really buggy :frowning:

OK all im incredibly sorry abou this and the last one but cekuhnen is right my HDDs are on their last legs, i will try doing this again using ffmpeg if it does not work then i will be unable to make these until i get a new machine. which could take years im afraid :frowning:


I thought that the lag was maybe from the hard disk.
How old is it? I did audio video since 4 years on a laptop
and those arent the super fast versions either.

Can you maybe record with a lower quality level?

shit man, if all you need is a better hard drive you should throw a donate button on your blog! I would chip in for sure, the tours are fantastic.

Ok i just tried Verb’s Method (with a few tweaks) and it works quite well however, but the resulting files are just way too large (78mb for 1 min and i only have 9 gig left on my HDD) i need it down to ~100-300Mb but be of nice quality and last for ~ 1 hour, if anyone has some nice ffmpeg options to do that i would be eternally greatful. (you can even hear the audio now :wink: )

Unfortunately, you can’t have a 1-hour lossless file in 300MB. If you only have 9 GB left on your disk, it will still take 1 lossless hour. If it takes 80MB per minute, it will take about 4GB per hour. So, you still can record a lossless hour. If you can’t for some reason, then you can make it into parts. As has been explained in the guide, the output of the first step (the lossless file) will be large and can’t be used for the web. That’s why we have the second step, which is all about compressing your screencast to a significantly smaller size. After you compress your first part, delete the lossless file and start recording part 2.

The amount of HDD space required for pass 1 of this process is the only drawback, other than that you’ll get a really good quality screencast. I suggest using example 3 from step 2 (H.264 and Vorbis in an .mkv container) This will work on VLC, Mplayer, MPC and most other players with absolutely no problem.

If you feel the compressed file needs to be even smaller, you can raise the -crf value. The higher you set this value, the smaller your compressed screencast will be, and vice-versa. Try the range from -crf 24 to -crf 32.

EDIT:wrong post.