2.5 api support for modelling with splines

Hi, new to blender here.

Will the 2.5 api enable the modelling of bezier and nurbs surfaces purely through Python scripting?

(There was a related question about this on the NURBS integration thread in April but it went unanswered.)

I have a number of procedural approaches to constructing fractal models from splines that I’ve been working on in other languages, but I’d really like to do it all within Blender.

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, as I said I’m new (& a bit overwhelmed!)

It should.

Have you tried yet or just asking because there might be some missing pieces as the API is still a WIP?

even if there is right now it would be the old equivalent of 2.49 nurbs

the new ones are still being re design and not integrated yet in 2.5

so for 2.5 you better wait till the new nurb project is completed which might no happen before next year the way it’s going !


Entity, no I hadn’t tried yet, beyond adding a few curves from the command prompt and failing to figure out how to specify active control points. I think I’ll wait for the new integration and full 2.5 api documentation before really tackling this. Thanks for responses.