2.5: Bake Textures Between UV Maps

Basically I’m just trying to take my texture map that I have all nicely unwrapped and painted in Photoshop, bake it to a separate UV Unwrap, focusing solely on the seams in my painting, then take that image into photoshop and paint over my seams and get them all shiny looking, then reverse the process to get the image back onto my main “pretty” unwrap and then combine the two images, and voila, I have perfect seams.

However, I am failing at that juncture of baking to a new UV Map.

I know it’s possible, this is the exact same method I used in 2.49, but I can’t for the life of me get it to work in 2.5. (And save me any lectures about just doing it in 2.49, because I know, but that’s a pain in the ass and half and I want to know if it’s possible in 2.5)

Any help?

Nevermind, fixed in 2.53.