2.5 bind camera to markers and broken lens and shifting

I’ve got a problem with rendering animations like camera changer type after transfering it from 2.49 to 2.5. I have used in 2.5 “bind camera to markers” option for all cameras in the scene. I have made also different camera lens and shifting for each frame. All the cameras are connected to one datablock.
Everything looks fine in viewport when i manually change the frame or render simple frame.
BUT when i try to render all as the animation then theres a problem because blender
renders same frames with different camera lens and shift setttings it - is also noticable in viewport that something goes wrong. When i stop render and manualy change the frame and then return back to it setting becomes fine.

Any ideas?

file a bug report?
Beyond that, can you batch render your animation by rendering one frame at a time from the command line (preferably using a script)?