2.5 Biped rig not working

Does anyone know how to get the IK controls working on Nathan’s Biped rig for Blender 2.5? It’s available to download from the durian blog:


Whenever I move the IK/FK sliders over to IK nothing happens, even after posing the IK bones. Do the drivers need reconnecting or something?

I’m using Blender 2.5 r25967, so it should work I think.

Thanks for any help

I had the same problem here using blender r28524, any one got an answer?

I knew I read about this, read the fourth post here:


I think the rig was updated for the first 2.5 alpha, but not since then and there have been changes to 2.5 since the rig was first updated.

As another thought, the simple-adult rig from the durian animation sprint does work and I would think it’s basically the same rig - since cessen created both of them - just a different mesh.

Hope this helps,

Great, thanks Randy just what I needed.


thanks randy !! , DLDing …