2.5 bone heat? SOLVED! Thanks devs!

Hello everyone,

I’m about animating sort of a tree with branches and stuff and would have liked to use the Bone Heat automaticity… But i can’t find where it is in 2.5. :no:
Could someone give me a hint (if bone heat is allready part of 2.5 alpha, of course)?


Is there allready an answer, stated somewhere, that i have missed?

Gosh! Weightpainted a Armature linked mesh (still coudn’t find Bone Heat)… but bones don’t deforme the object… Strange thing.

EDIT 2 (edit correction): changed the position of the Armature modifier and now it works.

Transfered from another topic:

Originally Posted by Cire
When parenting a mesh to an armature [Ctrl+P], just choose that option from the list.
First answer: " What list? There is no list to see there… …Whether i do the Ctrl+P on the keyboard or through the UI panel…"

Second answer: " The latest build on .org - downloaded this afternoon - has it’s “paint” button again, besides the Weight Paint’s one"

New comment: but can’t get the armature to deform the object anymore!

I have a topic for this particular problem : http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=177176

I made a new test with the lately downloaded (jan 22nd 2010 from .org) and noticed that some changes occurred in the manner of proceeding and obtaining a functional armature. I also note that the position of the bones and Mesh do not correspond any more. Will it be necessary to accustome oneself to this shift thereafter or is it just temporary?

PS Also notice that it is the first time i use Ctrl+P to get the Armature constraint to be acting upon a Mesh…

The attached image shows the Automatic Weights option, highlighted in the menu after using [Ctrl+P]. I don’t know where else it might be in the UI, except for other menus possibly …


Yes, but what if you want to use bone heat on individual bones. In 2.49b you can select a bone, go into weight paint mode, press ‘w’ and select bone heat. I don’t see where you can do that in 2.50 yet.

I can’t really comment on that … never used that method in 2.4x or tried to in 2.5x.

Thank you Cire,

I finally found that… Since i never used to Parent things in any of my last animations, that menu coudn’t appear.
But i’ll have to start with a new project on that. It seams that an allready started project gets totally sabotaged when trying to apply parenting and bone heat. It also looks like absolutely incompatible with a following path constraint.
I plan to create my next alien based on the recommandations i’ve lately gathered on this forum.

What is confusing is that in 2.49, when choosing a bone AFTER Bone Heat, you can watch the weights influence but choosing a bone in 2.5 doesn’t show anything… But well: alpha is alpha, these things are ment to happen.

Great! The latest builds get the Bone Heat done perfectly, now!!! ;D

Yay! ‘W’ is back!

Where i can found that build of blender?
i tried to do the bone heat…but dont work u_u