2.5 BPyAddMesh problem

ok i tried to run a little script (add a torus ) in latest release and got an error for the module

BPyAddMesh like it did not exist ?
but it is in the script !

anybody has ex[perience this problem and what to do ?


Those scripts have not been updated for 2.5, there still included as a part of the build process, though.

you mean theses are still 2.49 style and not executable in new 2.5

ok that’s confusing for the least !

Then any other example for adding mesh or may be poly curve in 2.5

would like to experiment a little with it and see how the new ways are in 2.5
how do you differentiate between old 2.49 script and new 2.5

there are some examples in 2.5 to add a new panel in blende button windows
but theses are using mostyl the new class ect…


i did see a new script for curve
tried it but dont know what it is doing in blender
and cannot anymore the curve type like poly beizer nurb
may be this is gone ?