2.5 builds

Is there a place to get a current build of 2.5?

There aren’t any ‘2.5 builds’.

However, if you want the newest Blender builds head over to www.graphicall.org.

Actually I got an early one (2.5, not 2.46) posted on graphicall before was just hoping there was a newer one by now.

I haven’t seen a newer compilation yet…
Not that much work has been done since the last builds were made (almost none in fact), so the ones at graphical are plenty up to date. Besides, it’s not that interesting to play around with them, only four things can be done (split, merge, resize, and pop out windows, and save the window layout)

2.5 doesent exist. It’s currently being configured and ready to be shipped to their secret people in Indonesia and test it for 'bout 7 months and out rolls the release!

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No egan, you can do more with the apricot builds! (I haven’t downloaded but…) check apricot.blender.org and get up to date.

I am not talking about apricot builds, I am talking about 2.50 builds. Please, get your facts straight! :no:

Go try it for yourself here:


Thanks egan that answer me question.

I posted a 2.5 build at graphicall.org, yes, but see my WIP videos on youtube. There’s not really much you can do yet :slight_smile:


Enjoy the screencasts anyway :slight_smile:


2.5’s REAL release hasn’t come yet. These are builds that other people make.

sheesh Egan… listen to Blenderman345… 2.5 work on 2.5 hasn’t started yet…

Not sure where you get your Blender news, but it must not be BlenderNation:

Development continues full speed ahead on 2.5. Thankfully keeping us informed some developers have been posting youtube videos of new additions/works in progress as they happen. We thank you for this.


Isn’t it funny how so many can be looking at the same page, and not BE on the same page.