2.5 Camera angles ?

the angles for the camera are lla screwed up in 2.5

how do you set it back so Z is up ?

and takes a normal view from camera for the scene

i tried canceling all angles in normal panel

but does not work !

and is this a bug ?


but Y has always been up, hasn’t it?

may be but still it’s the angle that’s is not right

so how do you make it right with no angles ?


Each object has its own local axis and its display depends on the transformation settings, for example when transformation settings are on global the camera axis looks all messed up :

but if you set the transformation axis to local (see in the dark band at the bottom of the 3D viewport) then you see each object oriented on its own axis, aka local :

Is this what you are referring to?


i tried in n panel to zeroed all angle and its still at a wird angle
now i did adda constraint to an empty on the camera

so in 2.5 what are the commands to bring back the camera like it was in 2.49 ?

see pic

fpr 2.5 i manually re align the angles but look in n panel data and all angles are not as per mains axis i mean i understand that the empty is creating some angle but not on the 2 axis

it should be only on one axis !