(2.5) Can we possibly assign F4-F12 keys like in 2.4?

I was wandering if it would be possible. In 2.4x we can press any F key from F4 to F12 to access a panel, or to render.

I started looking on how to do it, but when I hover the mouse over each of the panels in the Properties window I noticed there’s no python references to any. Only their names (Render, Scene, Object, Object Data, Materials, etc).

So I don’t realy know if they even can be assigned to any keys…
Does anyone have a clue on how to do this?

(I was using one of the latest 2.52 builds by the time I tried this)

i don’t think that you can assign shortcut keys to those panels like in 2.49. Bummer.

This sucks cuz I’m so used to have those keys rather than having to go there with the mouse and select each one of them…
Probably the rest of the people is used to that too.

Are there, currently, any shortcut keys to them?

There are no shortcut keys. Can’t say that I ever used them in 2.4x anyway.

I learned the most shortcut keys I could to minimize the mouse clicking outside the 3d viewport. Mostly because I like to use keys, but also since I was not so knowledged about modeling it has been compensating on the time I sometimes loose figuring out how to do certain stuff.

And now I can’t work on it without them, and I know the panels mostly by the keys. And by now, if I look at some of the icons in the header I have to think a bit or check tooltips to know what they are for.