2.5 confused about collision...

If something is static, should I be able to move through it? My player object is set to dynamic, actor, no sleep, and I have a test building with all its parts set to static. My player object halts briefly pops through. In other cases, the player randomly bounces off at various points around the building.

I tried googling for information on the BGE collision stuff but did not have much luck, if anyone can point me to a good tutorial or an in depth explanation I would be grateful!


No, you shouldn’t be able to move through Static objects, but the reason that you are going through the object is because you’re using dLoc instead of Linear Velocity or Servo motion (or Python, and check the collisions yourself). If you want to use Bullet, use Servo motion or Linear Velocity.

dLoc (delta location) applies a change in location to the object, so it essentially just teleports the object from one place to another. If the destination happens to be half through a wall than the object is going to jiggle around until it pops free.

Using a force will actually ‘move’ your object from one place to another.

If you want to be able to pass through something use ‘No Collision’.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: All that time I should have been looking at the movement and not the physics. :stuck_out_tongue: