2.5 DEV: New data API now in progress

                                             -Vector data type will be added, in the code in comments brecht says vec3f will be added just takes a bit of thought                                 
 [LEFT]struct vec3f

float x;
float y;
float z;

Heh very funny, the problems is in storage and access and how to make it automatically in the api

One of the biggest hurdles is just to get sdna to correctly convert the appropriate fields on old files.

I’m not planning on using vec3f at all, RNA is independent of how the DNA is stored and so it is not necessary to convert anything there. Simple float vec[3] should be fine, vectors in RNA are defined as a float array with (fixed) length 3, and subtype vector, and this is already working as can be seen in the RNA viewer screenshot.

There could be a convenience interface to retrieve the vector that way, but in fact these vec structs aren’t even really used in the current blender code, so I don’t seem much reason to do that.