2.5 Development History Vid

Hey scripters,

Just to make sure you have layed your eye’s on the little (4min) blender 2.5scripting development history. The link below refers to the you-tube channel, the actual news I got from http://www.blendernation.com/ It is a marvelous vid, you will absolutely enjoy:


The moment people saw it, I would like to pose a question

Is nobody interested or has everybody seen this vid already and am I just late again?

That is nice. I would love to see the Blender file. How do you think they did that? Must have had some script that read the database and then generated the tree as it grew over time.

Actually i don’t think it’s a blender file.Gource was used for that video.
Download for example mypaint source code with git then go to the source code folder type gource and magic things will happen!


Great stuff, thank you for sharing, fascinating to watch, considering the implications.