2.5 : displacement and bump?

:o Very sorry if this came allready up somewhere… but i can’t find where the displacement and bumping commands are in the 2.5 Material or Texture pannels… :frowning:

Create a material. In the texture panel add texture. Image Sampling for Normal Map selection, and use the Influence parameters (normal, displace etc)
Just go down the tabs


Thank you!
I just start my day now… with jumping into Blender. I’ll follow that.
Also, yesterday, a strange thing happened: suddenly my keyboard stoped reacting to most (but not all) shortkeys! And this right while trying to fumble around with Material and Texture parameters… Has that happened to others too?

Richard, saw it at the bottom… only my tweaks don’t seam to do any changes. Could it be because it’s a 2.49 file beeing reworked in 2.5?

I’ve not tried using normal/displacemnet maps yet in 2.5 so not sure how complete the features are.


Displace seems to work, here is an asteroid rendered under 2.5 with subsurf and displace modifiers being driven from textures.


The thing, in my case, is that the displacement and bumps allready exist in the 2.49b file. I got sort of negativ inversed) displacement i can’t get rid off in 2.5.
As soon as possible, i’ll open the original file with 2.49 to see if that one is allready bugged.

2 points are coming out of my last attempts:

  1. Something was ALLREADY wrong with the displacement in the original file :o
  2. I can’t get the image mapping back on the vertex group… :o :o :o

I must have tried almost all clickable possibilities… Can’t get the image covering the complete vertex group… :o :o I must be very silly, or something :o :o :o

Is there any v 2.5 “HOW TO DO” example or tut for UV Maping?