2.5 Docs and Tips

iti is nice to see that 2.5 first release will be in october!

now i did not see much Doc or Tut as PDF or small videos giving tips on the new features
and how to use 2.5 so may be it is time to begin something to kwno how to use 2.5

hope peoples can help with their own tips and small tut on how to use 2.5

so here my first 2 tips for 2.5

1 - 2.5 API

2 - adding primitives

you can add with Shift a instead of space bar
or at the top as usuall
space bar is not working right now - may be added later on

hope to see other peoples contributing their own tips ,tut or doc to better understand 2.5

happy blendering 2.5

  1. is good, 2. is bad. The shorcuts aren’t final yet so you should for such tips. Anyway … anything new about 2.5 documentation?

Best is to wait with this, since 2.5 is still in development. Some things are not working yet and some things might still change.

Also, giving shortcuts isn’t so interesting, because they’re fully customizable. Better is to talk about the different functions that are in 2.5.

More interesting are the 2.5 Tours from Micheal Fox (mfoxdogg)

Here’s something on the NLA.

I haven’t put in any shortcuts - just the menu paths.
I’m planning on some docs on Animation modifiers too.

Now this is the kind of functions we like to see. Nice

well it was my idea to begin getting some docs in one place for 2.5
eventough it is not entirely final yet

at least this would give a chance to peoples to begin with something while the real doc
is not ready yet !

but it’s good to see a minimum doc showing the new features i like that

now i would also if possible see some doc or tut on the new API how to use the new functions at least to begin with so we can begin learning it and may be translate old scripts !

also anybody has some definitions for all the F1 to F12 Keys ?
would be interesting to see theses and what they do !

Thanks to all of you

when the API and interface are decided upon… sure…
meanwhile, why write documentation for something that’s gonna change in 2 weeks or so

A think is time to start a blender 2.5 docteam. Blender 2.5 will attract many new user and it’s important to have good documentation to make them stay. 2.5 is also a good opportunity better create guidelines about how to write documentation (right now the guidelines are very poor which have resulted in inconsistent documentation).

Awesome. Finally some more people want to doc!
Head over to #blenderwiki on irc.freenode.net, and ask mindrones or jesterKing/amino
for a wiki account.
There’s plenty to do, and it saves developers from doing it too. Go find a section that
you’d be interested in, get a bleeding-edge svn of blender and start!

And yeah, 2.5 is subject to change, but basic ideas probably aren’t going to change that much ( ie NLA isn’t going to completely get re-vamped, RNA isn’t going to dramatically alter ). So having at least an overview is a good start.

Awesome. Finally some more people want to doc!
Head over to #blenderwiki on irc.freenode.net, and ask mindrones or jesterKing/amino
for a wiki account.

That’s right.
This time it is being organized properly from the start we hope.
there is already some docs that can be done. atm, setting up good infrastructure is important also.
so rather than start writing pages all over the place.
contact mindrones or jesterKing, join the wiki team & start writing what’s practical now.

i didn’t know there was an irc channel… thanks mikahl
i already got an account at the wiki and was gonna edit some pages about texturing, but as i said, things can and will change… anyway, i’ll look forward to meeting you there…

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can someone give me an example of how to define a mesh or OBJ with the new API 2.5

i mean that part shoudl be stable right now and might be usefull to begin to understand how to converte to 2.5 API existing scripts!


RickyBlender see release/io/export_ply.py in 2.5 source tree, it also comes with blender 2.5 .blender/io/export_ply.py IIRC.

One thing I dont think anyone mentioned is we are missing LOADS of docstrings for operators and their parameters. Would be a big help if people could write these.

see how many of these dont have docs.


void OBJECT_OT_center_set(wmOperatorType *ot)
    /* identifiers */
    ot->name= "Set Center";
    ot->description = "Set the object's center, by either moving the data, or set to center of data, or use 3d cursor";
    ot->idname= "OBJECT_OT_center_set";
    /* api callbacks */
    ot->invoke= WM_menu_invoke;
    ot->exec= object_center_set_exec;
    ot->poll= ED_operator_view3d_active;
    /* flags */
    RNA_def_enum(ot->srna, "type", prop_set_center_types, 0, "Type", "");

Search the code for OT and youll find most dont have ot->description = “…” set.

with the current SVN at grapic org
can we execute new scripts and how do you call theses or execute them?

i mean in the old 2.49 you loaded up a script into the text editor then simply Alt-a to execute it - and the script was in a text file

but in the new 2.5 is it the same thing can we still write the script in a text file and load it up into 2.5 and execute ?

by the way what does the letters OT means ?

sorry ( English is not my first language ) but your loosing me when you say that some docstring are missing

hope other peoples will understand what you mean and be able to help witth theses missing info

i can see a little of the new style of coding in the sense that it seems to call predefine functions inside internal blender - like all operations in blender have a specific names and you call it

which is cool i guess cause now you have access to all internal functions in blender
which we did not have before

the only probnlem i see is how do you get the name for the different internal functions in blender ?
is there sort of a summary for all the menus and functions in buttons windows that show what name is assocaited with what functions?

or the only way is to read the API and try to guess with the name what it is?


RickyBlender :

nice but the page does not exist any more?

i’m beginning to look at it and like this idea of getting to the same thing we do in blender
with operators that’s very cool and will be easier with time

but still have to learn the way do it and get use to it !

and not much examples available right now

dont’ know if any possibilities to make 2 simple scripts
let say one for mesh and one for curve

cause 'm i trying to make some scripts righ now for 2.49
but i can see that the API calls are not the same at all for the 2.5 API
and not certain how to proceed

and there is no doc available so best way i guess would be with 2 example of conversion of exsiting very small script

i have 2 examples that i’m working on right now
does anybody can translate theses into 2.5 and then i think that would set me up to be able to use the new API call hopefully

i can upload theses 2 but is anybody is willing to do the conversion to show example of how to use the new API operators?


Sorry RickBlender, that link got truncated or something. I’m actually just re-posting
what ideasman_42 said to just above your inquiring comment. Look above for the link.

the link up there is not working yet
still no page available !


the link works just fine :wink:

i did check theses new names for operators

but that’s kind of a programmers formel description but does not tell you how to write a script

so it would be nice to see some example as i indicated earlier

cause some of the new operators are totaly new and when you’v never use theses you cannot guess which one to use where and when!

if there was more scripts already showing how to as examples that would help a lot to get aboard i guess

also i’m currently working on a script using cuves
and it’s definitibely not clear how you can use the new operators
it looks to me like some operators for curves are missing i think

so if anybody has some scripts examle for mesh or curves it would be nice to look and analyse to see how theses works in 2.5

i would like to learn more and do it directly with the new API but it’s difficult whit not much documentation or examples fo script