2.5 faces /vertices

i canprint all faces in an object

for f in me.faces:
print ( ‘jj=’,jj, ‘face =’,f,’ mat index=’,f.material_index )

it igves this lines

faces = [1, 2, 6, 5]
faces = [1, 0, 4, 5]
jj= 0 face = [BPy_StructRNA “MeshFace”] mat index= 0
jj= 1 face = [BPy_StructRNA “MeshFace”] mat index= 0
jj= 2 face = [BPy_StructRNA “MeshFace”] mat index= 0
jj= 3 face = [BPy_StructRNA “MeshFace”] mat index= 0
jj= 4 face = [BPy_StructRNA “MeshFace”] mat index= 0
jj= 5 face = [BPy_StructRNA “MeshFace”] mat index= 1


but this is not giving the vertices associated with the face
it only gives the

is there a way to show theses vertices / faces and how to print it or work with theses?


Faces contains only vertex indexes. If face gives you i.e. 0,1,2 then you have to go to me.verts and get vert’s coords for vertexes 0,1,2.

if this is 2.49? or 2.5?
Just have a for loop going through

for v in f.verts:

i can do it for the verts list no problemo with this

it’s for the faces and edges i cannot get the vertices ccoordiantes for theses faces

how can you do this
like Face 1 = [1,2,3,4] meaning that 4 vertices are making this face

we could do that i thnk in 2.49!

i search a lot of pages in API and i saw one or 2 instruction for faces

like this one bpy.types.Mesh(ID)

but how do you use this instruction?
and example would be be nice to get me going
i saw other instrunctin for other things like image or paint but
i 'm just looking to get the mesh basic vertices edges and faces