2.5 forum category

Hello admins,
What about creating a specific forum category for all 2.5 related posts ?
It occured to me that in the “main” thread (which is to become one of the longest here i think) i have a hard time to follow what topic or discussion people are talking about because this subject gets cut by another one asking for feature, then another person says this is better like this, or someone suddenly posting a screenshot about a new feature and hop you get a new mini-thread started in the big one…
wouldn’t it be better to have under the General Frums, beetween News&discussion and Off-topic chats , add one called “Blender 2.5”
we could get the icon discussion, the actual thread, the one for the new mesh “2.5 suzanne”
and we could have for the "i want that feature in 2.5 ? " .
then people could start a new thread specific to 2.5
well just an idea as more and more user start to testing it.
I know it might get some mess in the head of people, especially later when 2.5 becomes productive…
what do you think ?
oh and it occured to me that i did not add any smiley…so here you go elvis :RocknRoll:

I don’t think that a 2.5 category is needed.

Even if it had it’s own the threads would still get off topic, that is what happens here at the BA forums. Discussion threads go off topic.

The whole section would be less visited than this one, and I have seen this one go days with the same thread on the top with zero replies

I agree. We need a way to split this 200+ page thread up. The problem with it is not so much that it gets off topic, but that it is nearly impossible for someone to be able to read through it all and keep track of it. I want to know some of the stuff in there, but can’t comb through 4000 posts to find it. Let’s give this a second chance. Please.

All, we need is some people to make a blender wiki page with all the new features and relevant info from this thread, instead of forking a new thread to get bloated.