2.5 GLSL/Splatting Video Tutorial

Hello everyone, just the other day I was looking at the Yo Frankie site and saw the demonstration on GLSL and Splatting, when I went to watch it I realized that few of the things involved in it were slightly different compared to Blender 2.5. Along with that I discovered that you can “Chain” or alternate stencils and textures using 2.5’s UV Layers. So, I figured that the process was easy enough for me so I whipped up a video tutorial. I hope it helps you all out.

Happy Blending!


Just watched it and it was very well done. Thanks! Now we need Roubal’s tut on animating grass particles being mowed updated for 2.5 as well

Looks like a challenge I would love to have a go at. I’ll start with following his tutorial in blender 2.53 and once I’m proficient ill make a tutorial. Keep an eye out!