2.5 gui

anybody has an example on how to make new GUI in 2.5
with buttons and multifunctions may be !

i have several old scripts in 2.49 to convert to 2.5 new API and not much doc available apart of the min 2.5 API formel description

an example script would be great to study and test



Not sure how much help this will be but. Most of the Blender 2.5 gui is written in python and the python files are in the .blender/ui directory. You can open the up in the Blender text editor and alter them and the interface will update in real time (assuming you have the automatic update feature enabled in the text editor).

i’m looking to replace old GUI in existing scripts

so does this apply to scripts ?

and is there any example of this i mean how to deal with this how it works?

if i want to redo my GUI in script how can i redo this inside scripts for 2.5

and does scripts exist in 2.5 like we had in 2.49


how do you actually do that though?


To activate Live Editing:

  1. Open the text editor in blender.
  2. In the text editor load one of the gui scripts from the .blender/ui directory.
  3. Select the Edit Menu item in the text editor and select properties (ctrl-f should also work).
  4. A properties panel will appear in the text editor.
  5. Select the Live Edit tick box.

Now when you alter the python Ui code it will automatically update the interface layout.

is there a snall intro video on how to do this in 2.5

might be eseir to learn how to ?