2.5 help needed. Ipo for light intensity?

I used to like to set 6 hemi’s (on in each direction) to an ipo for easy light intensity control.
I guess i got do it w/ the graph editor but how???

The ipo window used to have all the opetions to select on the right side of the ipo window. where did it all go?

this is crazy

Right click over the light strength setting and just select add keyframe. It will then be added to the graph editor. Change the frame number, change the strength setting and repeat. You can also do the same and add a driver.

well i got my line in the graph editor…and then i duplicated and rotated my hemis to where i want them. But when i go to click on the line and hit g to grab and increase or decrease intensity i can’t move the line.

btw…i’m not wanting to animated my intensity…i just use this setup to quickly adjust my levels for all 6 hemis.

but like i said i cant move the dang line.

Its amazing how i was so proficient at 2.49 and totally lost now. For quite a while i been using 2.49 to model and set everything up then saving the file and opening it w/ 2.5 to render it cause the render times for 2.5 are twice as fast.