2.5 how to install addons

hi people!

I’m trying to install an addon to my 2.53, the addon is the bevel tool, that sometiomes appears in the graphicall repository…so I copied out from that and I want to install in a letest version…

I tried to put inside the addonfolder and install from the addon menu… but I cant see the addon anywhere!

What have I to do?


In the User Preferences Addon tab, select Install Addon, browse to the py file and press Install Addon. The addon needs to be compatible with the version of blender otherwise it won’t show up.

I copied the addon fom the svn 30799 to 30807…and it doesnt work… I think there isnt any big difference between the SVN… but the addon there isnt… if I try to reinstall, the system say me “already installed” …


in blender 2.53 they are installed

not the bevel and the fake knife addon.

bevel it a build in function (i think)
and fake knife i donth now

I am having the same problem. I think that the script is broken, because when I try to manually run it in the script window I get an error. Very disappointed.