2.5 how to set it up like this?

this screen seems to show that the render is already done in the background of node editor

so how can it be setup like that ?
see pic

and is it possible to do this with other ordinary scene?


Backdrop has been selected and the active viewer node shares the same output as the final composite node so the backdrop is the same as the final render.The input node is just an image file anyway.


Simply change to compositing nodes and enable use nodes and backdrop.
You can see the viewer node in the background.

so this is not a real time render of the scene only thath the backgroung is the node output


Change the nodes and enable the backdrops.

Ricky, just look up the Viewer node in the Blender manual.
By the way, I tried to build 2.49 with the bas relief node for you but the patch is out of date so it won’t build.