2.5 images sequence / movie nodes

In the node editor, there is a node for type “image” with the option of changing to an image sequence or a movie. I would like to use it for compositing films, but it seems to fail on nearly every movie I throw at it, and while it can read png images, it doesn’t seem to like them being a numbered “sequence”.

What am I missing? Have these nodes not been fully implemented yet, or am I trying to load in movies that are incompatible, or are there naming conventions I don’t know about with image sequences through nodes?

I’m supposed to be demonstrating how nodes work, but at the moment I seem to be stuck with manipulating still images.

No, it should work fine. Haven’t had any problems at all yet. Here’s how it works for me: http://screencast.com/t/OTlhZTNhMmEt
You select the first image of he sequence and then adjust the number of images.