2.5 Indirect Lightning feature noob question

Hi everyone, and sorry for my english. I googled already about that question with no results so here i go:

I´m testing (I think everyone is testing stuff since 2.50 appeared :o ) Indirect Lightning and trying to illuminate a scene only with light-emitter objects and no lamps and the renders look the same as if I´d put an hemi lamp (no “shadows”). The light goes thru the cylinder.

I´m using Blender Foundation´s 2.5 Alpha 1 build 27017 from Graphicall, and Blender Internal of course. All World default settings except “Indirect Lightning” switched on.

The question is “is that normal?” I mean, was I wrong if I expected some AO style light/“shadow” balance?

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

Uh…ok… I found out: it is about the Falloff option+ strengh.

Can you update this thread with the solution as a screen grab and render so that the values make more sense?

Thanks for replying!

The fact is that I found no solution.

Playing with falloff and strengh just avoids a little that effect of “everything illuminated and no shadows” which looks as if you used an hemi light instead of the “indirect lightning” option. Falloff+strengh “limits” the distance to which the light from the light-emitter objects reaches but doesn´t cast “shadows” (I put shadows under quotes to difference it from the shadows created from Lamps) just as Ambient Occlusion does.

By now I´m playing with Yafaray with good results.

Try to use another type of object (not a 2D one like the circle) and move your illuminating object a bit up. You can also turn up low emit values for your other objects (in reality almost every object bounces the light and becomes a light itself). Repeat: Use low values. Add some colors and play with your settings.

Thanks for the help!
I´ll try tweaking stuff and back to explein my progresses.

I’m having the same problem. When I use indirect lighting in 2.5, I can’t get shadows to display properly. I think this has something to do with the number of render iterations, but I can’t find this option in the render, world, or material options. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Indirect lights do not cast shadows in 2.5.

What he said. And you got to place a lightsource with “shadow only” at your emiter object to cast shadows.
Hacky, but fast, especially if you use a spotlight with buffershadows.

They used to in a few render branch builds a while ago, but that functionality has now disappeared i think.