2.5 Moving hair

:yes: Always amazed when seeing a hairy caracter having its fur reacting to gestures and gravity (example: Sulley’s in Monsters & Co).
How do you manage to have this working with 2.5’s hair particles? :spin:



:o No one with some basic hints about how to tweak the values, somewhere, to have bouncing and waving fur on a nice beast? :no: ?

I know the old (and current) way of doing it is to add a soft body modifier to the fur. I hear there is a new hair dynamics system for 2.5 that should work better, but I also hear that it isn’t working yet.

Thanks for your answer Asano,
OK, i guess i will proceed further with ceations and i’ll have a try with some of the next Alpha 0 or Alpha 1 builds for final renders to see if these dynamics can be used then. :yes:

Asano, you gave me an idea: i’ll try with a fur cloth! That should work and… take a use of the 8 cores, BTW… <8o)

In particle system, when ‘type’ is set to Hair, enable Hair dynamics. You might want to play with the different settings (perhaps even play with or turn off gravity), but most of it, if not all, seems to work fine.

Hey, fine respons Sago!
Thank you for the hint, i’ll go after that right away!

:confused::o Hu! Ho! does work… but yet pretty unstable with 2.5… get crashes with very simple cube with 3 different hair on vertex groups… :eek: Have go get a watch over that too!..

Ha, vertex groups. Besides vertex group everything seems pretty stable :wink:

Well, it’s very depending on the versions.
Last blender.org version collapses
Some latest blender darwin 26025 collapses

  • immediately -
    And… just collapsed after few renders and while writing here: the most stable version on my machine: blender-92503-smoke… (love the bake progress bar!)
    But i just noticed 1 of the 3 PSys wasn’t baked. Mbe this will change the thing…
    I do another render with 25967, just to see.
    It is rendering above 30 images, right now, but only 2 on 3 dynamics seam to have some effect on hair… ?.. When playing preview, things look quite allright, though…! Strange behaviour…

Let’s see…

EDIT: just crashed too… wasn’t here to see when it did, but i make a try with only 2 PSys left…
Maybe there are allready newer OSX builds at Graphical and on the blender.org page…

EDIT 2: No newer versions yet. Have to wait and/or make other .blend to control if it’s not me having done some no-no tweaks…

Could it be just a GC issue? Maybe this could be a lack of memory problem… what’s your take?

Is a NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT enough for this sort of things?

Blazing fast render and no more crashes with Alpha 1 26981 !! :wink:
Just some hair tweaks left!

Soft bodies were disencumbered (i love that word) from doing tasks they where not designed for , in 2.5.
Well … most of it.
Now they can bounce and wobble like a fat belly under the sun. Ever worse … blobber and shlobber slime and slug.
leo is great :

Ha! Ha! :wink:
I admire your culture!