2.5 Nor Button/Slider

I have been doing some tutorials that are based off 2.49. I am using 2.5 and have been able to translate most everything just fine.

A couple of tutorials have refered to the Nor button or Nor slider for ‘Map to’ ‘Matterials.’ I can’t find these in 2.5.Can anyone explain where I find these or the equivilent for the Nor button/slider in blender 2.5?

go to texure panel
and down at the bottom you go to the normal button
that’s the equivalent of old NOR in 2.49

but in 2.5 it is using a new algo for bump mapping
and it goes from 0 to 5 i think and give sa lot stronger 3D effect

but if you import from 2.49 it will still use the old algo of 2.49
but i can be change to the new algo except it’sa bit complicated to explain
part of the outiner ect…

so instead of importing just do it in 2.5 and keep going


Ahh. Thank you. I didn’t notice the button because it was grayed out…thanks. That was getting frustrating.