2.5 Particle refresh (should be easy)

I have a simple (e.g. experimental) animation of a rocket taking off, but I can’t get the particles to behave, or rather, their cache memory to stay put.

I have two separate emitters; one for the exhaust sparks, and another for the explosion at the end.

The main problem I am having is that when I render the animation, while the emitters are set to only begin at a certain frame, the first frame often had left over particles from previous renders(?) I have tried baking each emitter, but they don’t seem to cooperate; for example, if I try to bake the exhaust, then the explosion seems to show prematurely.

Performing a “Free all bakes” does not reset things as I would expect, as again, the explosion is seen from frame 1.

Performing [ALT][A] to recache things resets the explosion, but the exhaust then shows up on frame 1.

The only way I have managed to reset things so far, has been to free all bakes, then [ALT][A] to animate, then scrub through the animation in the correct order, then skip to frame 1.

Surely this isn’t how particles are meant to be reset / cached?

Can someone please give me a workflow which actually works?


rocket09_problemrefreshing.blend (304 KB)

You have the cache step set to 10. I set it to 1 and everything worked fine using 29708.

Thanks Atom.