2.5 play wav sound in console

Is there comand or script available for 2.5 that makes Blender play wav.
Its simple situation - i have .wav on disk and i want Blender to play it after proper command typed into console.
btw. Blender 2.55 is on osx.

you could do something like:

import os
os.execvp("/usr/bin/ffplay", “/home/yourusername/someaudio.wav”)

I can get this to work from the bash terminal but not in Blender. Perhaps you can figure out where I went wrong. And then build off this. Perhaps this solution is shit. Not sure. Good luck, happy holidays!

Your method uses external ffplayer - fe. it doesnt work for me because i dont have instaled it on mac but i wonder is theres some method to make blender alone play .wav file. Anyway big thanks 4 help and I wish also happy holidays!