2.5 pop up menus-how?

I saw something on the 2.5 mail list about this, a while back, but was busy so thought I’d look later… now of course, I can’t find it anywhere…

so, now that there’s no “Draw” module how do you offer a list of options as a popup rather than a pulldown in a panel?

(an example would be nice!)

I am afraid that is not (yet) possible.

that’s what I thought until i saw the post (which I can’t find)…

it was something about putting enums in your operator … but I don’t really “get” classes yet and could’ve got the wrong end of the stick…

how about using a second panel as a pop up ?

happy blendering

It is possible to make a submenu appear that will display an enumerate property (a list of values that you can choose a single one from). That is not a popup though.
An example is present in the proportional falloff setting in the mesh edit menu:

layout.item_menu_enumR(settings, "proportional_editing_falloff")

You can find that one in ui/space_view3d.py (and a few other examples as well, e.g. the brush settings in the sculpt menu)

certainly useful, but not a general popup yet.