2.5 PYTHON DEV: Customization is increased by introduction of python-defined contexts



2.5 plugin capability takes another big leap with the ability for plugins to define their own contexts.

This should be useful for just about anything that would otherwise add too many buttons to the tool-shelf or an existing context.

Campbell has said before he wants to see Python defines spaces in the near future, if that gets added as well then we might see significant plugin capabilities in the months leading to 2.6.

I don’t see anything special related to python in that diff - just another context added for a scanner.

I’m not sure how it works, or how it did work but I noticed the little plug icon on the top row, that’s pretty cool.

If/ when Python can define space types then I can see Blender taken an almost unthinkable (at one time) leap, imagine the features, and tools that programmers from all around the world will be able to fit into Blender.