2.5 + python musings

Soo, from what I understand 2.5 will allow to run many python scripts at the same time in different windows… Meaning you can be rendering in one window and tweaking stuff in another one…

So lets add an IRC script to go to #blenderchat
Or a browsercscript that goes to www.blender.org (yes you read correctly, building a python browser inside blender using blender, combining dtpblender scripts and python. http://dtpblender.instinctive.de/cms/Main/Home

then all we need to add is verse and a special script for the video plug in to do video conferencing and voila:
Blender AllInOne :wink:

Ok, what did they put in my coffee this time?!

an IRC client in blender has been done before, as for a web browser, either make a very simple one (like mosaic), or figure out some way to wrap webkit in a python space type (when they are supported)

Why not just make blender into a window manager?

  • because there are 101 more important things to add!..anyway, people are entitled to have their fun :slight_smile:

Vi keybindings in the text editor would be nice. Not sure how easy that would be to do though.

Couldn’t we rather just take ghost and modify it to a general windowing api/system,
perhaps coupled with the event system?

Obviously the idea would be to develop it with primarily blenders need in mind,
but other software developers could thus use it too if they feel it suitable to their needs? :smiley:

Hell, it would even have a great name already to go with it, ‘Ghost’!

couple that with an awesome black icon with a white blanket ghost displayed in it and we’ll have a winner. :slight_smile: