2.5 Quick Tip: Fading Objects using Object Color/Object Alpha


Cool thanks,i really need it.

Been looking for this for ages, thanks so much! Cheers.

Why don’t I have the F-Curve in blender 2.61 ?

What Big Button Did I miss to press ? Not working for me.
Not Fading.blend (344 KB)

Haha. Hey, you could just have PM’ed me. :stuck_out_tongue: You’re bumping a fairly old thread.

Use the Action actuator instead of the F-Curve. The F-Curve actuator has been removed.

EDIT: I checked your file and there’s several things wrong with it. I couldn’t completely figure it out but I tried it from scratch and it worked fine for me.
Here’s my file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4618760/objectAlpha.blend