2.5 Render branch -- is anyone else getting these problems?

I know that it’s an alpha and bugs are to be expected, but I’m getting weird problems when rendering and googling them turns up nothing. So, is everyone getting this, or just me?

I’m using rev29332 32bit on WIndows 7, but the same thing’s been happening with every build I’ve used (at least, every one I’ve used recently).

  1. When I use one bounce of indirect light, everything is fine. When I use 2 or more bounces, I get crazy colours all over my render – predominantly greens and purples.

  2. Using the cache (for AO, environment light, or indirect light) in conjucntion with raytraced reflections or refractions gives huge render times. Turning off the cache significantly speeds up rendering reflections and refractions (but of course slows down the rest of the scene).

  3. Raytraced reflections and refractions have no anti-aliasing.


The colors are fun!

1 and 3 are known bugs. Point 2 will become more irrelevant as Brecht is focusing on optimizations now and render times are already being reduced a bit.

Thanks for the info, Ace Dragon.

Hmmm. That’s very strange. I use a Macbook pro, build 29362, and I’ve never gotten a problem with strange colors in the bounce light. Sometimes I’ve gotten black holes in the render, but this looks like a different problem.

Here are the settings for my picture:
Indirect Lighting - Factor “1”, Bounces “2”
Samples - “64” Cache = “Full Shading”

I’m using a standard Sun lamp, energy is 1.


I believe it’s a Windows only bug last I’ve read, Linux users didn’t report odd colors either.

Ah. Well, I hope it gets fixed at some point!