2.5 Sculpt Rendering black with white spots

Whenever I render my sculpt I get this…

I’ve tried it in about 6 diffferent builds, so it’s not that. I have a basic light setup with AO and a touch of Environment Light and default material. And it’s annoying the hell outta me.

Any help would be awesome.


And how about attaching an example blend file ?

uuuh right, sorry…

Hmm, can’t seem to upload on here…the compressed file is about 9000kb over the BA limit…is that odd?

Seriously guys? No help? I hate to be one of THOSE guys, but I do legitimately need help here.

Ugh, never mind guys, I figured it out. Blender decided to have a little fun messing with my Ambient color without telling me.

upload the blend on megaupload