2.5 selections

wasn’t ALT + B the shortcut to subtract selected areas to current selection?
it seems it’s working on mac but not on win.

It’s “P” in Edit Mode

Nope, P it’s like in 2.49 to separate parts of the mesh.

In latest SVN is not working on Macosx either.
So, is this changed? what’s the new shortcut? Anyone knows?

It seems nobody deselects here…

Shift+Ctrl+LMB loop deselect on OSX

anyone know how to deselect for box or circle select??? (windblows here)

Thanks Richard, but that’s not what I’m looking for. Basically when you use the border select in 2.49 you can use it to deselect as well (B + ALT + Click 'n drag). I cannot find the way to deselect with the border tool in 2.5

edit: therefore my first post was wrong, of course the hot key wasn’t ALT + B, but B + ALT + click and drag

Ok, it seems there’s no border-select-subtraction tool right now. Dunno if it’s just because a SVN or they completely removed it from 2.5 though.