2.5 Shape Keys - Do They Work Yet?

Well, if they do work, I sure cannot figure out how to use them. If they don’t work yet, does anyone have a projection as to when that might occur?

While I’m asking - will the knife cut tools be added soon, as well, (those obtainable from the “K” keyboard shortcut)?

While I’m still asking: will texture assignment be streamlined beyond what we were used to in the 2.4 series? Applying textures still seems quite convoluted to me.

I’ve also seen lots of additions involving “pose tools”. They seem quite powerful, but would someone involved in development consider making some simple documentation so that they become even more powerful?

Thanks very much,

Greg Smith

Why don’t you go make a new thread for every single tool from 2.4x that hasn’t been ported to 2.5 yet while you’re at it?

Read the SVN commit comments.


The reason I am asking these questions in this forum is because I read the very thing you are speaking of, every day, at this location: http://cia.vc/stats/project/Blender

So far, since I started reading these several months ago, no intelligible mention of any of the things I cite in this thread have been made by developers.

Now, maybe it has been discussed and disclosed, but, if so, it must have been in programmer-speak, (as is often the case), and we, the uninitiated, can make neither head nor tail of these sorts of comment.

So, I persist in asking my questions here.

Thank you,

Greg Smith

dunno about shape keys, but the knife tool is present, press spacbar->type knife or add it to the shelf and loop cut is there also


I’ve used the knife, (with its persistent trail effect), in 2.5, just wondering if, and when, the old “midpoints”, “exact”, etc. functions, for the knife, will reappear.

And, those new pose tools seem very attractive and I would love to start using them asap, but need a little documentation to get me going.

My feeling is that many users could begin confidently using 2.5 once they are able to do basic texturing, basic rigging, some sculpting, character animation - including shape keys - and have their customary modeling tools at hand.

I think the latest releases are very close, as offered at Zoo-Blender, it just is not clear to most users, (non-developer types), which features are still missing and, if so, when might they be set to appear.


Greg Smith

2.5 is still under development, by a mostly-volunteer team. It’s amazing how close it is (I just built from source for the first time last night, after following the commit logs for months) but it’s still not a production-ready version. As excited as we all are, I think we should either wait for the core developers to label it a release, or resign ourselves to wading through the commit logs and mailing lists for now. I don’t think there’s any doubt that we will get all the 2.49 features back before release. In the mean time, 2.49 is still perfectly capable for production work.

Shape keys do work, but there are some update issues, and it doesn’t resolve the RNA path properly so you can’t insert keyframes for them yet.

shape keys worked enough for me load them from 2.4x and test them in blender and get them working in the 2.5x game engine.

Well, then I guess my real question regarding shape keys is not “do they work yet” but “will shape keys be able to be animated any time soon?”


Greg Smith

That would be yes. Durian starts in about a week and it’s obvious it won’t get very far without working shapekeys, so I’m sure it’ll get fixed quite soon.

BTW if you stumble across other bugs etc it’s really better to do a bug report than start a thread.

Here’s the bug tracker for 2.5: