2.5 Shrinkwrap Reveal Problem

Hi All,

I wanted to reveal a shape or mesh using the shrinkwrap modifier in Blender 2.5. It seems to fail when the source object is constrained to a curve.

The picture shows what I get. (An ugly mess).

I am attaching the BLEND if anyone has any time to look at this.


skrinkwrap_curve_reveal_problem.blend (690 KB)

I rebuilt the scene from scratch and I was able to get a mesh based solution to work, but the beveled shape still has problems. I think I have narrowed down to being a 2.5 bug in the Cull Faces portion of the shrinkwrap modifier. Cull Faces does not seem to actually work. Even when you check the boxes, it still spills the culled faces on to the target.


skrinkwrap_curve_reveal_1a.blend (65.4 KB)

I found, yet another bug (YAB), in the shrinkwrap modifier. Using my working mesh based solution all I did was enable the stretch for the curve. This causes the mesh to stretch over the entire length of the curve. With the stretch enabled, the shrinkwrap fails to operate correctly. Press play to observe the failure.


skrinkwrap_curve_reveal_1b.blend (68.2 KB)