2.5 States?


Slowly making my crossover from 2.49b to 2.5…but for the life of me I just kind find the state system. The Actuator to change states is there…but just cant find where you actually work on the different states in the Logic Pannel…or have they moved it?

Your help is much apreciated.


Hi Shakedown,

You have to unhide the state buttons. They are hidden by default to reduce clutter. See the attached image for the location of the hide/unhide button.


Thanx Blendenzo,

Actually saw your recomendation on another post to start moving over to 2.5…so I thought I would take the plunge and just do it…:)…That little plus sign is sooo small I completely missed it…LOL…Anyways…Hope you doing well…Pitty you not doing something for the CDN Speedgame this year. Sure it would have been awsome.


To be honest, I did not even see the tiny little plus sign until after you asked.

Yeah, I wish I could do the CDN Speedgame this year, but I made a promise to not start any side projects until I finish what I am currently working on. I suppose there is always the hope of entering next year.