[2.5 testing] Where have the Texture Face buttons been moved to?

Hi guys (specifically 2.5 developers/testers),

Does anyone know where the buttons for the Texture Face flags have been moved to in 2.5? I’m especially looking for the “Text” button to set a mesh to realtime text. Have these buttons not been reintroduced yet?

(See the attached image of the buttons as they appear in 2.49b if there is any confusion about what I am looking for.)


You’re searching for some buttons…?
Me, I’m searching the whole Blender…I thought that I started the 3DMax thing?!

Yea, I was wondering the same thing blendenzo. I don’t think that the devs have implemented them yet, because I have searched everywhere. If you post this in the bug tracker, the devs will accept it as a bug and add the buttons. Thats how I got some missing buttons that I needed anyway.

Well, it’s not the most crucial bug IMO. I was more wondering if I had just overlooked the buttons because they had been moved. But it sounds like that’s not the case if you haven’t found them either. For the time being, I suppose I can just make text objects in 2.49 and append them to 2.5.

Right now I’m a bit more concerned that F-Curves don’t seem to work at all via the IPO actuator. I am going to report that bug.

Adding a the TexFace panel is in the todo list.

I have a somewhat new revision of 2.5 and objects using IPO’s do move like they’re supposeed to.

However I can confirm the lack of the texface GUI for GLSL mode at least, even with the options working, this suggests the code is there, but hasn’t been hooked up into the GUI yet.

Also, text will not display in the viewport.

Hunter, thanks for the link. I hadn’t seen that list yet.

CD, what revision are you using? I’m using revision 24517 (from earlier today) and even a simple rotation F-Curve on a static object is not working. Could you check my file in the bug report and let me know if it’s working for you?