2.5 Texture not showing

I am new to the modeling and surfacing, but have been trying all morning to get this to work and nothing seems to be doing the trick. I have a balloon animal for a commercial I am working on and needed a model of it since keying out an actual one looked horrible. I have the model done, I’ve toyed with some of the animation, and all is fine except the client wants an eye on the face of the balloon. Fine enough, I followed a few tutorials on youtube and other blender community pages but nothing seems to work. If anyone can solve what I am doing wrong that would be fantastic.

I’ve unwrapped part of the model and applied the image to said map, then created a texture for the object that is receiving the image, but it still does not render. I’ve included an image of the current standing of the model as well as my blend file so someone with more experience can take a look at what I’m messing up.

Blender File

Disable “Face Textures” in the material settings, it doesn’t go well with this sort of texture tricking. Rather use the texture that you have sat up.

The ramp option on your material is blocking the eye texture from appearing, so disable it to allow your image to let through. If you want to keep the ramp option there, you could do some tricking with material nodes to mix the eye texture in. For instance, use one shadeless material for a black and white mask between the body and the eyes, and mix the eye material with the body material using that material as a factor input.

You should also consider using a separate mesh for the eye, that may be just as suitable.

Btw the eye texture is not included with the blend file, always remember to pack the external data with the blend file if you want to distribute it. Just as important is to check the “Compress” option when saving as, that reduced the blend file from 4.8 MB down to 1.4 MB, which makes a huge difference.

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried doing what you said and it still didn’t work. After getting mad at it I made a whole new material using the parameters from the old one and it worked, lo and behold. I don’t know what the deal was, but it’s good to go now.