2.5 Themes Thread

Hey all,

So I was messing around with the theme settings in 2.5 and the wealth of options is just amazing, I think we are going to see some really awesome looking and fresh interface layouts/ colour designs (With new script menus and icons) from a lot of users.

So why, not post your themes that you’ve designed already or are currently designing.

Anything from simple colour themes to custom menus and icon sets.

Here is one I made earlier on, It started out as a black/ orange theme but it was just way too hard to read on two 21" screens.


I looked at how to edit your theme. It seems to be a mess, and you would have to sit at least a few hours to get a nice theme that matches. And personally it’s not worth it. But if anyone can post whatever theme they make here that would be great.

I got a request, could someone make a maya theme :smiley:

@Daniel interesting

the problem is that you cannot save all the vars yet in 2.5
some of theses don’t get saved!
there is a way to save if you go inot outliner select user preferende then change name for the theme

but did not test all the vars yet !

how do upload it i mean is it like the old 2.49 is there a script for this that you can save and then upload ?


Well they could really do with using the layout of the outliner for the options, having multi-coloured rows would make it much easier, or at least have them in a better order.

But it’s not really very hard to use, you have your user interface which covers everything from menus and buttons to scroll bars and drop downs.

Then all of the other ones are for their respective windows, so in 3D view you can change the background and the toolbar and header colour etc.

Sorry didn’t see your post.

It appears to save all of the options, I mean as far as I’m aware there isn’t an export theme button or a save or add new theme button, but it’s pretty good for testing out and I think I may have spotted one or two little glitches, anyway opening the .B25.Blend file brings across the theme, so that’s one way of uploading and sharing.

but if you save it it wont work

you need to use the trick as shown in link given

unless there can be a new version where this is corrected

now if you ahve more then one theme all of theses will be saved in the B file ?

but would like to see new ones!


Maybe it’s time for a 2.5 “theme park” here on http://www.graphicall.org/themes/ ?