2.5 tour #8

in celebration of the unveiling of 2.5 at siggraph i have decided to release another tour being the most comprehensive yet and structured and above all, fun :slight_smile:

hope you all enjoy it :smiley:

Thank you for all those Tours (de Force?), I enjoyed them alot. Just playing around with 2.5 helps me to get used to it, which is quite fast. But your tours help me understand things I could only if I did enough research.

So again, thanks :wink:

Very great tour mfoxdogg. I learn from these videos about 2.5 more than I do from other development updates thread and discussions.

I have 4 questions about macros:

1-Will it be possible to create a macro and access it from the search function?
2-add it to the shelf?
3-assign it to a keyboard shortcut?

4-Where do these macros get stored? I mean is it possible to make them permanent (.B.Blend?) or on a per-file basis (blah.blend) or they are only created on-the-fly?

@The Verb, Python can define operators dynamically so yes to 1,2,3.
From blenders perspective there is no difference between a python operator and one written in C.
These are stored in py files and registed on startup. We have yet to make internal texts registerable.

Ton added C macro operators, not sure how these work other then that they are used for transform.

Unfortunately audio doesn’t match the video near the end of this Tour. Aaaah, my brain cannot follow it.


Wow what a great tour with great features. I am running out of superlatives! Does anyone else have problems with the ogg file loosing sync with the audio? I am watching on VLC1.0.1.

@3pointEdit, like I already mentioned, me too.

First thing I always try in these situations is import and play it in Blender’s Sequencer (many times with good results). Unfortunately this time it results in a crash when sound enabled.

if it can be run with mplayer, you could re-sync them manually with numpad +/-
i’m still downloading it, so i haven’t tried yet

Excellent tour!! (except of the desync)

Hope we’ll see some smoke in the next one!

Cool, was able to import the .ogg file into the Blender’s Sequencer on my Linux.

15 frames per second

Import Movie+Audio. Offset the audio track around 878 frames (not seconds) further to the right to watch the 2nd part of the Tour (after the crash) with better syncing.

Isn’t Blender wonderful?

This is really great. I cannot wait for my own macro buttons in UI. Would be great for example for animating shelf.

EDIT: Once again great video tour. Just one question Michael, how did you set up the render to Povray? Is this some kind of pluggin? Is there any short tutorial in Internet how to install Blender 2.5 and Povray to work together?
Thank you very much for your answer.

its a python script POVray one comes with the latest blender builds its found in <where blender is>/.blender/io/

Thank you all for your comments and yes that desync is a problem, i’ll have to rememeber that when i do the next one

It is now up on vimeo, refresh the link

The offsink with the sound happens at the point where you start talking about the explode modiefier interacting with particles. It gets more and more out of sink the further you go into the movie. It’s almost as if the sound is running at 15fps and the video at 25fps so the sound is getting more and more beyond the video every sec. I tried to import the file into blender, but the windows build on graphical does not recognize the .ogg format. I also tried syncing up the sound with vlc, but sadly they cap the sound sycronization feature to +/- 100s and your video gets way beyond that. But, if you want to re-release the video with the sound fixed I would probably look at whats happening at about the 10:50 mark.

Sago what a cool idea, saving stuff with Blender. i wish i had thought of that! You beat me to the punch by nine minutes.

Thanks for posting these… getting used to watching them every so often… was about to ask when the next one was coming out :wink:

Zomg script macro!!!