2.5 tour #9 part 2 : animation FIXED!!

here is part 2 of my latest series of 2.5 tours, this will cover animation once again please read my blog post :slight_smile:

sorry for the screw up :o it wont happen again

Thanks for making these! Quick question… is the tools palette movable… like can you dock and un-dock it, move it to the right or the left… break it out etc.?

Hold on there seems to be really bad encoding errors, so please wait until i say to download it as i will redo it :frowning:

OK everything is fine now (slight audio delay as it goes but not too bad) , have fun :slight_smile:

thanks - you are awesome

how do you make the space bar menu bar appear again?

looking neat, can’t wait till the first release!

2.5 is going to be a major release for animators, thanks to aligorith and mfoxdogg both! Can’t wait to see things in a completed stage, they are pretty sweet already

… 2.5 will be good for new users (i will write it again - the new interface is GREAT) and modelers (BMesh, BMesh), too. Ich will es!

+1 mfoxdogg is indeed awsome as are his tutorials.

I notice on the previous video that currently, the tool bar is not recalled as a .blend characteristic. Is this the sort of thing that could be saved with the start up .blend file (is that system still used in 2.50?), as a sort of user/site preference?

Just looking at the animation video and wonder if Keyframe copy/paste at the button interface (right click) would be cool too. Or even copy paste the Keyframe indicators on the timeline (other apps allow ALT-Click drag for duplicating there).

Just a clarification of the ‘Drivers’ section demo:

In this file, I’ve set up the driver successfully, pretty much in a similar way to how it was shown in mfoxdogg’s tour (the method is listed in the file). Double checking this I noticed that doing this would fail if you pin the lamp context before finishing setting up the driver. Investigating further now…

Where are you setting up the array?

I couldn’t get the keying sets to work. Does this not support armature bones? I added a few bones to a key set and tried to key them but it didn’t work. Of course keying these individually worked.

Copying/pasting curves in the graph editor didn’t work for me either.

I’m not sure if these are bugs or just not fully implemented yet.

If I remember correctly

I’m not “setting up an array”.

In RNA, settings such as location, rotation, scale, colour, etc. are all defined as “arrays” - i.e. a setting with a single name, but which can have multiple components. For example, the ‘location’ setting has x/y/z components, but all these are accessed via the single identifier ‘location’, which points to the “array” [x,y,z]. So, once you access the ‘location’ setting, giving you the array, you need an index to decide which component of the array to affect: with x as 0, y as 1, and z and 2. The ‘array index’ I mentioned in the setup procedure basically referred to this index to access the components, and the setting for this is basically the little squashed-up number field beside the field for the path.

Hopefully that description is kindof understandable (it’s not a terribly great description, but I can’t think of another way to put it right now). In short, the UI for drivers is a bit too technical/barebones access to the animation system internals, but parts of it were only meant as stopgap UI access so that we had something to work with. Having said that, the only things that I’d really change are to have nicer ways of building the paths (i.e. a mini path browser popup would be nice…) and/or nicer limits on the way the ‘array index’ is presented (i.e. restricting to elements in some ‘enum’).

a) How did you create these Keying Sets? I don’t quite get what you mean by “added a few bones”. Probably the best way for me to tell you what happened is if you create/upload a little test file of this, so that I can check what happened.

b) Regarding copy/paste in Graph Editor. The thing to note here is that it now only copies selected keyframes not entire curves. Secondly, when pasting, it currently will only allow pasting keyframes to ‘compatible’ curves - i.e. it should allow pasting between location and location curves but not rotation and location. I just noticed that there might be a bit of a bug there for some cases, which I’ll fix soon, but in general it’s quite difficult to nicely check that curves are compatible so there will always be some bad cases…

nyways, in the cases you’ve mentioned, they’re more likely to be bugs…

So we just stumbled at the Case of the “location” which is written with a capital L in the Datalocks. Hint: if you hover over the buttons in the Datablocks it will display the tooltip which also tells the correct python name.


Ok. That makes sense. I thought that is what you meant. How can you set an offset though. IE. have an object move 3 Blender units to the drivers 1…

The index could be a bit clearer regarding what it is. Would be nice to have a drop down menu instead of a index input field. For example If “location” is the path then you can select the x, y, z, xy, xz, yz, yx, etc. in a drop down to determine how the driver changes the value. I’m sure we could just do this with python, but the point of this new driver set up is to make it more accessible is it not? And having the option to use the values of multiple coordinates in a single driver would be useful. Along with a way to determine how much each coordinate effects the object being driven.

Would be nice to have the search functions that are present everywhere else in object area of the driver. Keep things consistent.

Also, I can’t seem to link a modifier to a driver. I added a subdivision surf modifier to a cube and added a driver to the preview setting and no matter what I set in the graph editor it does nothing. I can see this being VERY useful as a built in LOD control.

hmmm. It doesn’t seem like drivers can be added for material settings either. At least in the texture properties. I’m attempting to create a driver linked to the normal value setting.