2.5 Tour part6 : Follow up

just a follow up tour covering the stuff i couldn’t before due to crashes and alot of the new stuff :slight_smile:

hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

also if anyone wants to put these up on vimeo for Me and the rest of the community that would be great :slight_smile: and very much appreciated

oh man that is sooo kool

Very nice mfoxdogg, thank you.

I’ll put it on Vimeo:

Wait min. 30 Minutes from now to watch.:slight_smile:

By, mib

“This is a private video”

Oh, sorry, i change the status .
By mib

great tour, mfoxdogg! thank you very much.

hey another great video thanks… I thought that I knew what was there. lol

Thank you for your efforts but almost I can’t hear your voice. The sound recording is at a very low level.