2.5 Unable to initialize image(0) in MA

I started making a game in Blender 2.5 using glsl materials. Everything was working fine, I made a material with an image texture, exported as runtime a couple different times and everything appeared to be working fine. Now all of a sudden I get an error when I run my .exe file: ‘Unable to initialize image(0) in MAplayer’. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden none of my textures will load, and all the objects appear grey. Does anyone have a solution?

Did you pack your textures (in the File menu)? If not, ensure that the files are in the same relative directory as the original project file, though it still might not work…

All paths were relative, and they are all in the same folder relative to the .blend file as well as the .exe file. I tried to pack the external data into the .blend file, but I got an error saying ‘source path not found’.

Okay, I manually relocated the textures, and then I packed them to the .blend, and it looks like it’s working when I reopen it.

What does the ‘packing’ do? Do I have to keep all of my textures packed from now on? Why would this all of a sudden happen to me now when it has never happened before?

Thanks for the help.

‘Packing’ is the process of including external resources (images, I think are the only things that this applies to) into the .blend file. This way, when you create a runtime, the associated and necessary images are included with the runtime. External images are supposed to be usable with a runtime, just as they are in Blender, but it seems like that functionality is broken recently.

Ok, well I managed to somehow unpack it, and it is now working externally. I don’t know how long this will last, but I will try packing the .blend if it happens again.