2.5 UV export options, where did it go?

So before in 2.49 you could export your UV layout to a .tga, although now the only file options are .svg and .eps, and I am very confused. Has it not been added or has it moved somewhere else.

I think the only two options are svg and eps.
I don’t think there are plans to implement any other options.
Maybe you can look into using imagemagick or GIMP to convert the svg files into tga or jpg files?

To take it one step further, it would be a good challenge to see if you could use python to automatically use imagemagick to convert the image after Blender exports the .svg :slight_smile:

i searched for ways to work with svg files and foung this:

AND: i cam across the free program inkscape. it’s an open source vectorgraphics editing program. i didnt test it yet (because its 3am) but i think this will be your (and my) safest bet.

edit: ok, i installed inkscape and tested it.
sont know if it’s nessessary,but you have to pack your uv map as png first. then export the uv map layout as svg and then import it in inkscape. then you can either save the file as the desired filetype or export it with advanced options(dont know if you have to export).

so, overall: install inkscape, it’s open source and it works!
INKSCAPE: http://inkscape.org/download/?lang=en

The Gimp can also open .svg files.