2.5 Video Editing Interface

Are there user settings that I have missed in 2.5 to keep things working like they do in 2.49 or will I just have to accept the new layout? My biggest problems with the 2.5 user interface have to do with:

-Zoom control on the Video Sequence Editor window: When I zoom out far enough on the VSE window, the view gets re-centered and I zoom back in on a different track.

-Cluttered f-curves when editing video: In 2.49, the IPO curve editor allows for a sequencer IPO curve type. In the sequencer, I can choose a track and create a quick IPO curve to fade the video to black or control the volume of the audio. The curve I see is for the track I have selected and shows its length as a percentage. Is this beyond the power of the f-curve?

-No audio mixdown button: I finally managed to find the magical combination of output formats and codecs in 2.5 that allow me to do what, in 2.49, I manage with the click of a single button. Another thread on this forum suggested that the mixdown button is gone for good. I hope not.

-I miss the spacebar, but can live with Shift-A.

I have only been using Blender since January 2010, mostly for video editing. Discovering this program just as the Great Leap Forward was beginning has been an interesting challenge. 2.49 is working well for me and I will definitely stick with it if 2.5 can’t keep up with its predecessor.

-Zooming zooms centered around the mouse. If you zoom too far out it still moves but has reached it’s zoom-out limit.

-You can click the arrow in the f-curve editor to only show selected strips.

-Hopefully the devs will get around to simplifying codecs and all that.

Thanks for the arrow tip.