2.5 Video editor glitch?

Not sure if this is a glitch or if I’m doing something wrong myself. When I try to use the video editor in 2.5, the output render is darker and slower than the original scene. These are the steps I’m doing:

  • Start from start.blend
  • Render animation
  • Create new scene, copying the current one
  • Change to “video editing” on the “screen” menu
  • Add the first scene to the sequencer
  • Render animation again

I theory both animations should render the same. But the second time the animation render is darker. Some of the frames render as a black screen, others render with a black cube on the normal background, it seems a bit random. Here is the comparison, I attached to this post, the first render, the second and the .blend saved after rendering the second one.

I’m using blender 2.53.0 on kubuntu 10.0.4 64 bits. Doing these exact same steps on blender 2.49 will work perfectly.

Should I post a bug report about this, or am I simply doing something wrong?


test-02-01.blend (500 KB)

I didn’t look at the blend, but judging by the images I’d guess this is caused by the “colo(u)r management”.

Intereting, I thought you could be correct so I just checked that. But noticed that turning color correction off actually makes it even worse! I turned color correction off on both scenes and the render got even darker. Attached the new result.

Also, just tested it on windows 7 starter edition as well. And got the same error. So it’s not linux specific.


Committed today to svn by Campbell

Log Message:

bugfix [#23105] Scene strips renders out darker (no gamma corection?)

Great, thanks.

Just tested a graphicall build after that bugfix (This one) and now it’s working perfectly.

Thanks for the heads up.