2.5 view rotating (solved)

When i change the point of view (side/front/top) the model slightly rotate (+/- fluently depending on the model complexity) for a second in 2.5 instead of just going immediately to be in the view i want like in 2.49.

I find this slightly more and more annoying the more i use 2.5, and i have not been able to find how to disable it or even if it is possible to disable this slight delayed (due to the rotation) view change.
The user preference panel does not seem to have the option, unless it is just a naming convention that puzzle me.

Anyone knows how to get the view change to be immediate without that rotation effect ?

i got 550 and i don’t see any dealy at all!

just click on 7 1 or 3 and it goes !

may be your next built wont do that i guess

Surprising you don’t see that rotation thing, because it is on by default in 2.5

In case it is interesting for someone else annoyed by this rotation during the view change, i just managed to find the exact setting in the user preferences by toying with them.
In the Interface Tab you have a “Smooth View” you can tweak (never had imagined it was for this).
Set this from whatever number it was to 0

It will remove the rotation, and will allow your view change to be occuring immediately like it was in 2.49b

can you show a very short video of this effect
cause i don’t see it at all !

and at same time show where to change this vars in user preferences might be usefull in futur!


This effect is a default behaviour in every alpha and SVN build of 2.5 i tried so far, so if you say you don’t see it, it may be because we are not talking about the same thing.

What i say is the transition between this :
To this by pressing 7 on the keypad (top view) by example.

In 2.49b , the 3D “free” view move to the top view immediately.
In 2.5, there is a visual transition, what i called the “rotation”.

To disable this, it is this setting in the File -> User Preferences :
By setting it to 0 it should disable the transition effect and go back to the immediate view change from 2.49

ok so you want by default to go directly let say to front view instead of the angle view by default may be !

the var smooth is determining at what speed the change is done from one view to another

but not certain if this does not affect other things so be carefull
might get some bad surprise in other part of blender !

may be should aks to devs why it was set at this value !

mind you at 200 ms i mean i did not see much delay in the view changing from front to side!

but interesting effect anyway

happy 2.5

Hey cool… thanks for scoping this out…sorta think it’s interesting touch…like if you don’t know what view you just specified (duhhhhh
)…but may get old in a bit…