2.5 weight painting sub ?

how and where do you change from adding to sub for painting in 2.5 paint panel ?


Click on the big image at the top and select the Subtract brush (blender 2.5beta)

see ic

where do you select the subtract ?

i see only one pic with no options?

also i had already changed the weirghts and saved the file
but when i re open it seems that all data where lost ?

is there any special way to save and re open to get the modified datas ?



If you are using Blender 2.5 Beta (downloaded from blender.com) you weight paint brush selection should look like the attached picture.

I quickly saved and opened a mesh that had weight painted data and everything looks ok.


well you saw the pic i got only one brush ?

how can i get the other ones ?

i mean this is the officiel 2.53 version
so it should work unless i need to get another built from graphical org?


Either try resetting to the factory default or add the brushes yourself. Add a new brush and set the Tool and Appearance from those sections in the weight paint panel.

how can i reset without loosing my models with armature?

or do i have to create and import into another file ?

what are the names for the other brushes so i can add theses ?

alos in the pic with all brush
how do you know which one is for add or sub or ect…
is there a meaningfull name for theses brushes indictated somewehre?


Is this what you are looking for?